DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK Enzyme Therapy offers a wide range of protocols and treatment solutions to address most skin concerns: pigmentation, acne, open pores, scarring, wrinkles around DMK’s revolutionary concept “REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN” it works with the structure and function of the skin to generate long lasting results.
Experience the difference.

Enzyme Therapy


The state-of-the art DMK signature treatment. The Enzyme formula is designed to create an enzymatic reaction in the skin which will stimulate blood and lymph circulation, increase cell oxygenation and remove toxins and wastes, resulting in a total revision of skin cells and a healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

Enzyme Therapy with PRE-Treatment


DMK Signature Enzyme Therapy with a customized Pre-Exfoliants following: Prozyme, Pro Alpha, Quick Peel, Exoderma and Desquamate. Specially designed for congested skin, premature ageing, acne, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. Achieve more effective removal of redundant dead skin cells and build a healthier, happier skin function.

Instant Lift ( Muscle Banding )


The ideal skin treatment prior to any special occasion. A highly reliable and effective pick-me-up to ensure that you will look your best.

Incorporating Enzyme 1+2+3, this DMK’s powerful enzyme treatment will leave you red carpet ready as it gently exfoliates dead cell material, optimize skin function, rehydrate and strengthen and firm the muscles and tissues in the face and neck. This treatment is finished with a transdermal infusion which locks the integral nutrients into the skin.





Bihaku ( Skin Brightening )

Once-Off $270
9 day series $850

Bihaku is a professional skin brightening treatment that woks without bleaching the skin to help you regain a brighter, lighter, radiant complexion with a healthy glow. The treatment is also used to revise uneven skin tone, discolouration and all types of pigmentation problems of the skin.

First, the combination formula moves the pigment in the skin to the upper layers of the epidermis where they can be removed

Second, the product formula contains melanin inhibitors to regulate tyrosine and tyrosinase from producing excess pigment

Third, it creates a flushing action that removes dead Keratinocytes (skin cells) in order to regulate the cell exfoliation rate

Finally, it increases the moisture content of the skin quite significantly, hydrating the skin cells for a brighter complexion and firmer, bouncier skin

The final result is a natural-looking complexion with an even skin color and tone creating an overall brightness and smooth skin texture.

A 9 days of series of treatments includes 9 nights of Bihaku solution to be used every night at home and 2 Enzyme treatments.

You must have the full range of DMK home prescriptive to achieve the best results.



Hydradermaze is a powerful acne treatment that delivers excellent results for all acne conditions. Address the condition and the underlying causes.

Treatment Upgrades

Fibromax C around the eyes $20

Fibromax C Full Face Application $50

  • H.S.T is extra for all procedures
  • Prices are subject to change anytime

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