General Questions

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is also known as “Permanent Cosmetics, Cosmetic Tattooing, Micropigmentation, Dermapigmentation, and Dermagraphics. Specially formulated pigment is implanted into the upper dermal layer of the skin using individual disposable needles and a tattoo machine and/or a manual hand tool.

Is it really permanent?

All permanent makeup treatments, whether eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips will fade over time. Eyebrows tend to fade sooner than eyeliner or lips. There are a variety of reasons for this, including environmental and sun exposure, pigment colour, and aging skin; however, regardless of the fading process, the pigment molecules that enter the skin from the very first treatment do technically remain in the skin. It is for this reason the treatment is referred to as permanent. Semi-permanent is a misnomer.

Is permanent makeup safe?

The permanent makeup industry has exploded in the past decade, for good reason. Techniques and pigments have advanced and developed to the point where allergic reactions are rare. Furthermore, artists follow strict sanitization practices and are routinely inspected. After care is individually prescribed, to keep your treated area clean and free from bacteria, thereby fostering the best conditions for an excellent and long term healed result. Therefore, the safety of permanent makeup comes down to the experience, knowledge and good practice of your artist. Research is key.

Does it hurt?

Depending on the treatment selected and the discomfort threshold of the client, pain will vary from client to client. Unlike conventional tattoo artists, permanent makeup artists use both a topical and secondary anaesthetic to keep clients comfortable throughout treatment. However, while ibuprofen or aspirin cannot be taken prior to treatment, acetaminophen can. Eye The Brows will provide appropriate relaxing and comforting techniques to ensure a smooth procedure and excellent results.

Who can benefit from permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular for both men and women. It is perfect for anyone who cannot tolerate traditional cosmetics due to allergies and skin sensitivities, for active people who don’t want to worry about “sweating off” their makeup and for professionals who don’t have time to re-apply makeup throughout their busy days. It benefits those who can no longer apply their own makeup due to disabilities and it is ideal for clients who have suffered hair loss due to a medical condition or alopecia.”

Who should not receive permanent make up?

Eye The Brows requires that all clients complete consent and waiver forms prior to agreeing to perform any treatment. Accurate completion of these forms is necessary to assess your candidacy for permanent makeup and helps to protect your permanent makeup investment.

A client cannot be treated:

  • If you are Pregnant, Nursing, Harvesting eggs or Trying to get pregnant.
  • If you have heart conditions/pace Maker
  • If you have any bleeding disorders
  • If you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment (you should wait until treatment is finished and you must consult with your physician before going forward)
  • If you have an auto immune disorder such as Lupus or Diabetes (in some cases, diabetics may not heal well at all. You must consult with your physician before going forward)
  • If you have shingles (especially on face)
  • If you have Hepatitis C (in some cases, you may be in a poor health and may not heal well. You must consult with your physician before going forward)
  • If you are under 20 years old

How should I prepare my skin for my permanent make up appointment?

You should keep your skin clean using your normal skin care regimen. You must advise if you have any break outs, cold sores, blemishes, and/or any allergies (itchy or red eyes) on or near the area where you are having your procedure done. Any of these skin conditions will affect the permanent make up procedure and your procedure will have to be rescheduled to when your skin is clear.

Please note for eyeliner procedures: If you are using any eyelash growth serums, you must discontinue use for TWO MONTHS prior to procedure in order to reduce sensitivity.

Please note for lip procedures: If you have a history of cold sores/fever blisters/herpes simplex, you will be required to contact your physician to obtain the proper prescription (such as Valtrex) to prevent such outbreaks.

Please visit the Pre Care Page for more information.

What happens during the procedure?

Procedure times vary in length but follow the same set of steps.  After completing and reviewing your forms and taking “before” pictures, we will design your shape and select a permanent makeup colour. A topical anaesthetic may be applied.  Your artist will perform your treatment, keeping you comfortable throughout the entire procedure. When complete, “after” photos will be taken, and you will be given aftercare instructions and your touch up appointment will be scheduled.

How is the shape decided?

When we meet we will discuss your goals. Your facial contours, bone structure, age, skin tone and type, as well as your naturally occurring shape will dictate much of what is decided. Your artist has been trained in proper design. It is important to work together with your artist on deciding a shape, as permanent makeup is, after all, a tattoo. Only the most complementary and flattering look for you will be done. A magazine photo is only achievable if it suits you.

What should I expect after my permanent makeup procedure?

It is important to understand that a permanent makeup treatment involves breaking the skin. Therefore, your treatment will be, for several days, an open wound, and must be properly cared for. You will receive instructions on how to look after the area, helping it to heal properly, ensuring good colour retention and, most importantly, preventing infection. Consult a physician if you notice any signs of an infection.

Immediately post treatment the area will appear darker than the target colour. You may experience some weeping of lymph fluid, which must be blotted away.  As the area heals it is natural to sense some itching and see some flaking or light scabbing. Please follow all of the post care instructions provided by your artist, using only the products provided or recommended. First touch-up can be booked within 6-8 weeks following the initial procedure. It is your responsibility to schedule all extra touch-up appointments to make minor changes.

Can I wear my makeup after a procedure?

As the environment on and around your treatment area needs to heal uninterrupted, other than applying the prescribed products, you must not wear cosmetics until healing is complete. This also refers to skin creams, which may contain irritants such as anti-aging properties, synthetic ingredients or unnatural fragrances. Less is more while your new treatment heals. Carefully adhere to the recommendations of your artist.

If I want to get Botox or fillers done, should I have them done before or after my permanent makeup procedure(s)?

Any cosmetic injection and brow or lip tattoo treatment should be separated by a specific period of time. Factors such as bruising, poor results, and even discolouration may factor if a client attempts to do “too much” at once. Err on the side of caution and be mindful of any risk to your beauty investments. Wait at least 2 weeks for Botox and a minimum 6-8 weeks for dermal fillers.

I am going through chemotherapy, can I get permanent makeup done?

Generally speaking you cannot get a permanent makeup treatment, or any tattoo treatment, while undergoing chemotherapy. Your leukocyte count may be too low and your body may be unable to battle a permanent makeup treatment related infection. Chemotherapy increases your risk of infection. If you are on chemotherapy your body needs all of its resources to focus on returning you to full health. However, having said this, not all forms of chemotherapy are the same, so the advice and counsel of your oncologist and/or cancer care team will be respected, provided written documentation is submitted.

Many clients opt to get permanent makeup before chemotherapy; however, please remember that it is a two treatment process, separated by 6 to 8 weeks.  If you have completed your chemo treatments, give your body 6 months before getting permanent makeup.

I have had work done by someone else. Do you offer correction work?

Coming to Eye The Brows for treatment after having a procedure done elsewhere will require you to have some key information. We will need to know the age of the work, how many sessions you had, and what kind of pigment was used.  Things that can be observed are aspects like saturation of pigment in the skin, the healed results, etc. Correction is only possible in certain circumstances. In other situations, the only remedy may be lightening or removal of the previous work. Eye the Brows offers safe saline tattoo removal, which requires a full consultation beforehand.

In all situations of corrective work, you will need a thorough consultation for us to develop the best solution. A full waiver is required.

Can I still get MRIs?

Magnetic resonance imaging can potentially cause tattooed skin to heat up, depending on the composition of the ink. This is far less likely now than in the past but it is best to err on the side of caution and advise your MRI technician about all tattoos, including permanent makeup.

Can I go to work the next day?

Depending on the treatment you had done you may experience some swelling, slight irritation and/or redness and, remember, your skin will go through a healing cycle. You must not attempt to cover up the area with cosmetics. As long as you feel okay to conduct your duties then a permanent makeup treatment should not prevent you from attending work.

What is the maintenance for permanent make up?

If you are not committed to long-term maintenance, you can choose not to return for annual colour boost and let the pigment fade away slowly as time goes by.

There is no way to determine how long each client’s treatment will last before it starts to break down and fade. It is not an exact science.

The microblading technique for eyebrows will fade faster than the Ombré powder brow or Nano brow technique. However sun exposure, skin products, medications and your own lifestyle will affect the longevity of your tattoo. If you wish to maintain your permanent makeup, it is highly recommended that you get colour boosts to freshen up your treatment every 18 to 36 months. This will keep your permanent makeup looking its best. However, if you have had microblading, colour boosts will be needed sooner and more often as this technique fades faster. Again, sun exposure, skin products, medications and your life style will affect how long your tattoo will last.

How long does permanent makeup last?

This answer to this question will vary based on a number of factors. Firstly, an eyebrow tattoo will fade faster than an eyeliner or lip tattoo. However, all permanent makeup treatments are optimized when clients minimize environmental exposure, and refrain from anti-aging skin care regimens, and skin rejuvenation procedures such as lasers or chemical peels. Every skin is different so no prediction on the longevity of your treatment can be made. To keep your treatment looking fresh and vibrant, touch ups at between 18 and 36 months are recommended.

A good indication about whether it is time for a touch up is if you feel you need to add cosmetics to the area. Feel free to forward a clear photo for an assessment.

How do you guarantee your work?

The face is a very different canvas than the rest of the body for the purposes of permanent skin art. There are more blood vessels, nerve endings, sebaceous glands and follicles on the face than anywhere else. Moreover, your face is the one area of your body that is exposed all the time, so it is subject to chronic exposure, making it the first place you will notice the aging process.

There are so many variables, known and unknown, that affect the retention and result of a permanent makeup treatment. Eye The Brows does its best to mitigate possible impacts on results through a well informed skin assessment and through a number of questions to be answered by all clients on our consent and waiver forms.

However, even with this, no predictions can be made. Therefore, no guarantee can be made. Eye The Brows will remedy an unsatisfactory result to whatever extent we can, but please expect additional fees for extra retouches.

No refunds can be issued.

Where can I find more information about each permanent makeup treatment offered by Eye The Brows?

Please visit the individual treatment pages (from menu tab) for more information.

Eyebrow Questions

What are the different permanent eyebrow techniques that Eye The Brows offers?

  • MICROBLADING: The microblading technique is performed using a manual hand tool (no machine) to create ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend beautifully into your natural brow hair. Each hair stroke is individually drawn into the skin to yield a hyper-realistic looking brow hair. Each brow hair drawn is deliberately placed to achieve a beautifully natural brow pattern. This technique looks best when you don’t have eyebrow permanent makeup that has aged poorly, have some natural, soft (not coarse) eyebrow hair, and normal skin, not prone to oiliness or other conditions and sensitivities.
  • OMBRÉ POWDER BROWS: Ombré powder brows are becoming very popular, as it resembles look of expertly applied soft eyebrow makeup. The powder technique is very gentle on the skin and therefore suitable for any skin type and age. This technique involves creating a pixelated effect (little dots that appear like a soft spray) to create delicate edges around the brows versus solid block brows with very defined contours. The brows will heal soft and powdery, unlike traditional cosmetic pencils. Once healed, your brows will look like they have been perfectly applied. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This method delivers even coverage and ages beautifully.
  • FEATHER STROKE (NANO) BROWS: This technique achieves the same result as microblading does, but is achieved with a powerful device that gently etches individual eyebrow hair strokes following a natural pattern.  The speed and power of the machine can lend itself to a longer lasting treatment overall; however the same limitations apply as for microblading with respect to skin type, skin tone and overall skin condition.
  • COMBO (HAIR STROKES + SOFT SHADING) BROWS: By blending the hair stroke (nano brow) technique with a soft shading technique, the artist is able to create a 3 dimensional result that is miraculously realistic and breathtakingly gorgeous.  As a combination final appearance is a natural, fuller, and more defined look. This technique is accomplished by creating the hair strokes first, and then adding soft shading that will cover the skin between the hair strokes. Once healed, you will see the hair strokes on top of a softly shaded background.

What are the contraindications for microblading?

To achieve the best results from a microblading technique, your skin must be healthy and free from irritation. Unfortunately not all clients are candidates for microblading, due to medical and/or skin conditions. If you have any of the conditions listed below, your colour retention can be affected and your hair strokes will blur or blend together or not retain any colour at all. However, the Ombré powder eyebrow technique is a viable alternative if you have any of the listed conditions.

  • Pregnant, Nursing, Harvesting eggs or Trying to get pregnant.
  • Severe rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, large pores with oily skin, deep wrinkles in the brow area, very coarse hair, hair transplant for your brow area.
  • Very thin and/or fair skin, oily skin, skin types such as Dark skin, Indian, Italian and Mediterranean.
  • Previous brow tattoo that has not faded or that needs colour correction. In these cases, laser tattoo removal or saline removal is strongly recommended before getting any permanent makeup procedure.
  • If you take any medications that thin the blood.
  • If you take Accutane or Retin-A (acne medication), you must wait 1 FULL year before procedure.
  • If you use Retinol or Vitamin A, you must discontinue use for 1 MONTH prior to procedure.
  • If you use EYEBROW GROWTH SERUMS, you must discontinue use for 2 MONTH prior to procedure.

Do you shave my existing eyebrows?

Your artist works around your existing brow hair and, in fact, keeping your natural brow hair helps lend itself to a more natural final result. Eyebrow hair that falls outside of the designed shape will be removed. A trim may be necessary.

Can I bleach my eyebrows after a procedure?

It is recommended not to have permanent eyebrow tattoo done. The chemical will bleach the hair & the pigments as well.

I use eyebrow growth serums. Can I get permanent eyebrow tattoo?

It is recommended to discontinue use for TWO MONTHS prior to procedure in order to reduce sensitivity. It’s not recommended for use on the brows at all afterwards.

Can I expect to have perfect hair strokes?

Microblading or nano brow (hairstroke) treatments produce beautiful hair strokes that are barely distinguishable from the real thing; however all permanent makeup results will vary from person to person. Your healed results will depend heavily on your skin type as well as how you care for your treatment. Not all skin types are suitable for hairstroke brows. For instance, skin types, such as Dark skin, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean or clients who have large pores and/or moderate to severe oiliness are likely to experience a result which appears like a softer solid, more powdered look, as hairstrokes will blur and blend together. For skin colours in the Fitzpatrick skin type range 4-6, hair strokes will not be as visible as on lighter skin types.

Eyeliner Questions

What are the different permanent eyeliner techniques that Eye The Brows offers?

EYELASH ENHANCEMENT: This treatment involves the application of pigment directly within the layers eyelashes giving the result of depth and definition to the contour of the eye. It also gives the appearance of a thicker lash line and is an absolutely ideal solution for clients with sparse, short or absent eyelashes due to alopecia or trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder).

CLASSIC EYELINER: Describes a service wherein addition to the above described eyelash enhancement, pigment is also placed above the lash line, similar to traditional cosmetics. This treatment delivers more thickness than eyelash enhancement. Different results can be achieved depending on client’s needs to create a timeless look.

WINGED EYELINER: This treatment is a more intense look and ideal for those who love a liquid or a bold pencil look with definition. The wings can be placed at the outside corner of the upper eyelid, placed strategically to mitigate future eyelid hooding or drooping. Perfectly symmetrical wings can be tailored to crate many desired effects to make a statement.

SOFT SHADED EYELINER: Combines the eyelash enhancement with an eyeliner treatment and adds a soft shadow above it, usually in brown. The shadow look can range from soft to dramatic and can even give the illusion of a wing that is less of a commitment than the traditional “Latino” style wings that are done with dark black, and are very defined.

I have eyelash extensions on my eyes. Can I get permanent eyeliner tattoo?

It is recommended to remove eyelash extensions prior to your procedure.

I use eyelash growth serums. Can I get permanent eyeliner tattoo?

It is recommended to discontinue use for TWO MONTH prior to procedure in order to reduce sensitivity. It’s not recommended for use on the eyes at all afterwards.

Lip Questions

Do you offer lip liner alone?

Doing lip liner alone creates an incomplete and unnatural look, so for this reason only a full lip treatment is available.

What are the different permanent lip techniques that Eye The Brows offers?

LIPSTICK EFFECT: This treatment saturates the lip with the colour of choice, which is a decision made with your artist in order to best complement your skin tone. The healed result will be faded from the look you leave with immediately post treatment, but you will look like you are wearing a lovely lipstick.

LIP BLUSH (AQUARELLE LIPS): This treatment yields a soft, just kissed look that enhances lip colour but appears more natural than the lip stick look. It is the fresh, rosy look so popular today.

DARK LIP NEUTRALIZATION: This treatment is aimed to neutralize, lighten and brighten the dark lip tissue. It may require 3-4 sessions with more healing time.

I want my lips to appear larger without using dermal fillers. Can you do this?

The lip tissue is very different from other skin tissue. Therefore, enlarging lips using permanent makeup is not responsible.  In specific circumstances, it may be possible to achieve a slight enlargement for the purposes of making the lip appear more symmetrical. But, this must only be done by a highly skilled and experienced artist like Eye The Brows.

The very best approach to lip enlargement and/or achieving lip symmetry is to combine dermal fillers with permanent lip tattoo.

Am I a candidate for a permanent lip tattoo?

Yes. However, If you are a dark skinned client, have a history of hyper-pigmentation or dark contours, it may require 2-4 sessions with more healing time. An advance photo assessment and consultation are necessary before scheduling this treatment.​

How do I prepare for a lip tattoo?

Most importantly, please carefully read your confirmation and reminder email. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior to your appointment as well as any blood thinning medications. (Please ensure this is safe by checking with your doctor or pharmacist.) These are safe to resume 2 hours following your appointment.

Permanent lip tattoo does disrupt the tissue of the lips. For many somewhat invasive cosmetic services in the lip and surrounding tissue a prescribed prophylactic antiviral is started prior to the procedure.


This means that a medication to help hinder the possibility of a cold sore developing should be started prior to your procedure. This is especially important if you have a history of cold sores.


The prescription does NOT GUARANTEE that you will not break out, however it greatly reduces the chances, and the severity if you do develop a lesion.

Your physician will know what to advise, the general suggested guidelines are ACYCLOVIR 400 mg for 5 days beginning 12 hours PRIOR to the procedure.

If you have a history of lesions, then the recommended dose increases to 1200 mg per day. (3 x /day)


A second prescription, (Xerese) an ointment with antiviral medication and a steroid that is applied topically.

IF YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF 8 cold sores per year, begin application of Xerese on day 3 after the service.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A HISTORY, obtain the prescription but do not fill it, just keep it on hand in case you do develop a lesion.