She is a master. She measures and analyzes the face. Then she tattoos. I always felt in good hands. My friends can’t believe it’s makeup it looks so natural. And for someone who uses their face as their job, her expertise and professionalism was paramount. Thank you !!! 
- Ashley Sirianni, Toronto, ON
<cite> - Ashley Sirianni, Toronto, ON </cite>


EXCELLENT work recoloring old tattooed eyebrows due to fading. JeongAe brought them back life and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. I no longer need to spend time in the morning drawing and filling in my brows. JeongAe was extremely patient and took her time with me prior to the procedure. Not only is she talented at what she does but an Artist and was very pleasant to work with. I am thankful to have been referred to her by many happy people on Facebook. Thank you JeongAe. 
- Nancy Hugh, Mississauga, ON
<cite> - Nancy Hugh, Mississauga, ON </cite>


I have been following Eye the Brows FB page for quite some time. I am absolutely in love with JeongAe’s work!! This was a MUST do for me. I will admit I was a bit nervous considering this work is done on your face for everyone to see. When I arrived on my appointment day JeongAe made me feel comfortable right from Hello. She explained the procedure to me in depth and also told me all about the after care. She was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions to the fullest. The procedure itself went very well and it was love at first sight when I looked in the mirror and saw my new brows!!! I highly recommend this procedure! 
- Sherry Finley, Barrie, ON
<cite> - Sherry Finley, Barrie, ON </cite>


I had my appointment yeaterday and I could not be happier. She took her time making sure i was satisified with the shape which I appreciate because I’m a perfectionist myself. Totally worth every penny! Thank you so much. 
- Ashley Harding, Toronto, ON
<cite> - Ashley Harding, Toronto, ON </cite>


Five stars is not enough for the high degree of professionalism that you will receive at Eye the Brows. When I arrived I was full of trepidation combined with excitement. Jeongae greeted me at the door and her welcoming demeanour immediately put me at ease. I had previous eyebrow tattoos so I knew a coverup wasn’t going to be easy. Jeongae sweetly said “this is going to be a challenge”. I appreciated her honestly and candour. She will not set you up with false expectations. She has all of the patience in the world, a quality that I do not posses, and have great admiration for those that do. She makes you feel that she has all the time in the world to dedicate solely to you, her client. She painstakingly worked in a realm of professionalism the likes that I have never before experienced. I am beyond pleased with the final result. To sum up in two words:”Perfection Personified ” I am grateful to have my eyebrows created by Jeongae.
- Nora Hillyer, Toronto, ON
<cite> - Nora Hillyer, Toronto, ON </cite>


I am not new to the permanent make up process having both my eyebrows and eyeliner done last year. After a terrible customer service experience at another studio I decided to find another artist to redesign my current work. My experience with Eye The Brows was a pleasure from beginning, I am also in the Beauty service industry, customer service and attention to detail is important to me. Jeongae seeks to understand the desired look, clearly communicates what can be done and explains the process step by step. She did everything in her power to ensure the process was as painless as possible. She paid very very close attention to detail through out the process to ensure accuracy. The space is beautiful, very pretty but most important sterile…..she is a true artist who takes pride in her craft.
- Sommer Dunsmuir, Brampton, ON
<cite> - Sommer Dunsmuir, Brampton, ON </cite>


Awesome! -very professional, my impression was Jeongae Davidson wouldn’t do your permanent make up just because, she truly knows her stuff. She gave me her professional opinion about my eyebrows and advise me what she thought was best for my situation. I’m looking forward to going back and would recommend her to my friends. 
- Martha Warford, Brampton, ON
<cite> - Martha Warford, Brampton, ON </cite>


I came to Eye the Brows with faded, wrongly-shaped permanent brows to see if anything can be done to fix them. I was a little scared to try it again due to previous disappointment. Thankfully, Eye the Brows gave me amazing new brows that look full yet natural! Her work shows true talent and reflects on many years of practice. I could not be happier with the results! 
- Liza Martinenko, Toronto, ON
<cite> - Liza Martinenko, Toronto, ON </cite>


“As soon as we started talking about the procedure, and the aftercare, recommendations, I knew I was dealing with a professional! I had plucked my eyebrows too much as a young woman so ended up with thin eyebrows. I wanted to do something for “me” and it was totally worth it! I felt comfortable getting them done – everything is so clean and modern and my eyebrows turned out amazing! I was excited just to go and get a touch up! I feel lucky to have found this place and highly recommend it to anyone!  
- Janise Baigent-Chase, Oakville, ON
<cite> - Janise Baigent-Chase, Oakville, ON </cite>


“Dear JeongAe,  Just a note to tell you were right! I thought at my age of 87, it was silly to get my eyebrows done. But, unfortunately, with the passing of time I just did not have the sight or steady hand to pencil them in anymore.  Family, trying to be kind, would confide in me sometimes that my eyebrows were a “little off track”. Now I don’t have to worry about that. People say I look younger and I feel it!  I was afraid that they would look very obvious but you made them look very natural. You are a very talented artist!   
- Barbara, Collingwood, ON
<cite> - Barbara, Collingwood, ON </cite>


As I get older, my eyesight is not as strong as it used to be, making it difficult to apply my own eyeliner.  Also as I age it seems I have a sensitivity to store bought eyeliner and mascara. I could not find any products that work well for me. I was very excited when I heard about JeongAe and sought her out.  JeongAe was very thorough and exacting.  She took a detailed medical history and learned that I have had allergic skin reactions in the past. It gave me piece of mind when JeongAe suggested and performed small skin tests to make sure that permanent eyeliner was right for me. After the tests were completed, we both felt confident it was safe to proceed. Every step of the way I was so impressed with JeongAe.  I felt quite safe and assured by witnessing how careful JeongAe disinfects her tools and keeps her environment spotless. Cleanliness is obviously very important to her.  She took extra care to ensure the eye area was properly numbed before proceeding and that I was comfortable at all times. Bottom line, I would definitely recommend permanent make up to friends. All I have to do now is wash my face and it’s done. I can go swimming and don’t have to worry about my makeup running. Thanks JeongAe for being such an amazing professional and I’m glad you’re in town.    
- Debbie Western, Collingwood, ON
<cite> - Debbie Western, Collingwood, ON </cite>


JeongAe, I don’t know how to express my appreciation! I was a little intrepid when I booked the appointment to have my eyebrows done.  Without a doubt the words ‘permanent’, ‘needles’, etc. had me more than a little nervous. But from when I first talked to you on the phone I was impressed with your professionalism and wealth of knowledge. I had to go. I was sick of trying to fill in some ugly bald spots in my brows only to have it not be the right colour and then fade off very quickly in the day. You really made me feel at ease at the first consult. I had previously thought no one could understand the colour and shape of brow I hoped for. Very meticulously you drew in your conception of my brows and I was just thrilled. It was even far better than I imagined. The only thing I know I had to worry about was the pain. I worried needlessly.  With your expertise, vast knowledge and steady hand you made sure I was as comfortable and pain free as possible. It’s just lovely to wake up with these eyebrows. People don’t know I’ve had my eyebrows done but they always comment how good I look and how my eyes actually look larger. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, JeongAe!  I highly recommend this procedure for any lady on the go today!”
- Irene M., Collingwood, ON
<cite> - Irene M., Collingwood, ON </cite>


Looking my best has always been important to me. I lead a very active lifestyle and work in two completely different fields. First as a Hairstylist, as you can imagine how you present yourself is critical. Second in the ski industry, I was a Ski Instructor and then progressed to management. In these positions, time outside in all kinds of weather is unavoidable. It was at this time that I learned about permanent eye liner. I was eager to learn about the procedure and am happy to say I have enjoyed having eye liner that never runs or wears off! JeongAe did my eyeliner and I couldn’t be happier. She is professional and a perfectionist! Now I can head out and enjoy all kinds of activities; swimming, boating, kayaking, biking and skiing without the muss and fuss of a lot of make up! It sure made my beauty routine simple!
- Kim, Collingwood, ON
<cite> - Kim, Collingwood, ON </cite>


Interesting thing about eyebrows. …just like many things the shape and size of eyebrows come in and out of style.  What doesn’t come in and/or out of style is looking your best.  JeongAe is a true artist and managed to make my eyebrows suit the frame of my face. This will never go out of style. I had wanted permanent eyebrows for some time. Unfortunately, through the years I had over tweezed my brows making them almost non-existent in some areas. I had them threaded but still found I had to daily fill them in with my cosmetic pencil. Finally I met with JeongAe and was immediately impressed with her vast knowledge of procedures. JeongAe is very detail oriented…a characteristic I much admire. I just love the results. I will never regret investing the time and money in this procedure or trusting JeongAe!
- Name Withheld
<cite> - Name Withheld </cite>


I have known and been impressed with JeongAe for many  years. So when I had a thyroid condition and lost the hair on my eyebrows, I had no hesitation calling JeongAe.  Right from the beginning I knew I could trust her. I would go nowhere else. However, I had no idea how extremely thorough, how very precise this young woman can be! Right from the beginning from her very careful consultation and analysis I knew I was in the right place. JeongAe took exceedingly special care to explain the procedure every step of the way. She told me what to expect while she was doing the procedure and what would happen after. All that and the spotless environment made me feel incredibly assured. People cannot believe my eyebrows are not my own. They look like natural hair! The colour and shape is perfect!This convinced me to get me lips done. My lips were a grave concern to me. They were very pale – the colour of my skin, I wouldn’t leave house without lipstick on that I kept handy in my purse. Now my lips are always (unless I choose to change it up with an occasional different lipstick) a gorgeous, healthy rosy shade. Now I can just wash my face and feel ready to face the world! Thank you JeongAe! I’m glad you are a perfectionist and that you make your customers perfectly happy!
- Dodie Zingg, Collingwood, ON
<cite> - Dodie Zingg, Collingwood, ON </cite>


I’m very, very pleased that I have had permanent make up done and that I used the amazing professional services of JeongAe…an incredible very sweet person and an amazing permanent makeup artist! She is a perfectionist and I’m glad of it! Putting on my own makeup became challenging and a chore.  JeongAe has done my eyebrows, eyeliner and my lips. I just can’t believe the reaction to my ‘new’ look! Friends and family say things like “Wow! You look so great! You just glow!” They are completely shocked when I tell them it’s permanent makeup. One thing I didn’t expect is how much better I can communicate with visible eyebrows.  They are so expressive. People are much quicker to understand my emotions now. They can tell if I’m surprised or sad, happy or mad. I want to be able to look my best at all times with the least amount of fuss. It’s NICE to look NICE!!
- Judith, Collingwood, ON
<cite> - Judith, Collingwood, ON </cite>


I was visiting a friend in Collingwood who told me about JeongAe’s services. I couldn’t resist. I was tired of getting up earlier every morning to apply my eyeliner. It was very time consuming. Then I would have to reapply it during the day especially if I was particularly active or went swimming. I must say JeongAe was wonderful! Her patience and gentleness certainly minimized any possible discomfort I could feel.  After I had it done I thought perhaps I would like the eyeliner to be a shade darker. She was very accommodating to touch up the procedure to ensure it was exactly what I had hoped!
- Shirley Gibson, Niagara On The Lake, ON
<cite> - Shirley Gibson, Niagara On The Lake, ON </cite>

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