About Me

About Me

Hello! My name is JeongAe Davidson. I am a permanent make-up artist and certified aesthetician. In Korea, where I was raised, aesthetics and striving for easy care natural beauty is a way of life. It was, therefore, a very natural step for me to take to work towards a career in aesthetics leading into a career in permanent make-up.

With permanent make-up, you can look your best at all times. So it is important to choose a qualified permanent make up artist for your treatment. As I am constantly seeking out the best training possible on a regular basis. I am sure you will find I am tremendously qualified and up to date on the most advanced techniques and methods. To get the best possible results for you, I use only the best equipment and materials. I strive to make your experience pleasant and to obtain results that meet your goals!


Micro pigmentation Centre, Mississauga, Ontario

  • Areola Nipple Complex Tattooing and Corrective Cosmetics
  • Colour Theory
  • EliminInk Tattoo Removal
  • Slope Needle
  • 6 day introductory course to micro pigmentation

Permanently Perfect Master Classes with world trainers, Hollywood, California:

  • Brows: Super Master’s Class with Nataliya Yeremenko, Anna Savina and Mary Ritcherson
  • Lips: Super Master’s Class with Anna Savina
  • Micro Needling Super Class  with Mary Ritcherson

Private Advanced Mircoblading Class with Rebecca Chung, Hong Kong

Optimum Colour Retention and Living Colour with Teryn Darling and Marjorie Grimm Las Vegas.

3D Microblading Class with IPM Master trainer Andy Hu from China

Advanced  Permanent Makeup  Workshop with Irina Maximova, Natalya Zhbanova and Veera Gorlatova from Russia and Estonia , Washington DC

 Techs Helping Techs – Advanced Seminar, Florida

Private Advanced Eyeliner class with Teryn Darling from Las Vegas

Shades and Strokes In Harmony classes with world trainers from USA and Canada

  • Hair Stroke Technique with Mary Ritcherson
  • Powder Brow Technique with Teryn Darling
  • Microblading Technique with Tina Davies

8 hours of Tattooing Live Colour webinar with Teryn Darling from Las Vegas 

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