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JeongAe Davidson

Owner & Trainer

JeongAe Davidson is an extensively trained permanent makeup artist who is as passionate about her art as she is about helping her clients look and feel their best.

Having grown up in South Korea where women take great pride in skin care and aesthetics, JeongAe was nurtured from a young age, observing women’s emphasis on natural beauty all around her. Aesthetics was a natural choice when she embarked on her career and it fostered the development of a solid foundation in skin science and care, a critical basis for success as a respected permanent makeup artist.

JeongAe’s keen eye for artistic detail and her comprehensive understanding of the skin combined with her natural talent for helping women become the very best versions of themselves, made permanent makeup a natural next step.

Following her first fundamentals training, JeongAe’s instincts told her that the demand for perfection and precision in permanent makeup required a more complete training. Anything less than the best preparation was unacceptable. This prompted her to travel the globe to pursue high level coaching in advanced technique and artistry. Today, JeongAe holds certifications from top master educators in Europe, Russia, and Asia–where permanent makeup has made advancements well beyond North America.

Days and nights of tireless practice, along with the excellence of her preparation have helped JeongAe grow into one of the finest artists in the Greater Toronto Area. She is skilled at a full complement of permanent makeup techniques—permanent eyebrows, microblading, permanent eyeliner and lip tattoo.

Owner and lead artist of Eye The Brows Permanent Cosmetics Studio, JeongAe continues to challenge herself to push boundaries in this exciting and fast-growing industry. Every year she travels to attending international seminars to stay on top of the latest techniques and keep her skills honed. She performs breathtakingly flawless permanent makeup treatments and now provides exclusive training to select artists seeking to grow and benefit from her advanced skill set.

Permanent makeup can make clients look their best at all times. It is essential to research and select only a highly trained, qualified and experienced permanent makeup artist to trust with your beautiful features. JeongAe considers it is a privilege to be able to produce living art on a daily basis that changes lives and creates smiles.

Licensed, Insured, Qualified and Extensively Trained, JeongAe strives for nothing short of perfection in her work to deliver her valued clients beautiful, dazzling results.