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For anyone that understands what permanent makeup is, they know that it is a tattoo. Permanent makeup artists use very similar pigments (inks), often the same devices, the same sanitization procedures, the same understanding of the skin.

Wait… do we though?

Indeed tattoo artists must have intricate knowledge of what happens when the skin is manipulated with a powerful machine and tattoo ink. A good artist knows the correct technique to use on certain areas of the body, how to create certain effects, what voltage to set their machine at, what needle to use, how the tattoo will heal, and how the client should take care of their new “ink” Furthermore, a reputable artist will ensure the client is a good candidate for a tattoo at all, considering risks of infection, possibly scarring, client expectations, etc.

The face is very different for tattooing. In general, there are more nerve endings, blood vessels, sebaceous glands and, most of all, exposure. By exposure I mean sun, elements, pollution, free radicals, bacteria, and irritants in the way of topically applied products, particularly your skin care.

permanent makeup,Colour,skin,Women of Colour,Dark Lip Neutralization,Lip Blush,eyeliner

Then, artists must consider the colour of the skin. Our skin colour is determined by the amount of melanin in the skin. Without getting too scientific, melanocytes are the cells within the skin that make our skin the colour it is always, or which permit our skin to tan, as opposed to burn. People with low melanin tend to burn, those with a lot of melanin do not burn, primarily because their skin is already dark. Our skin colour is based entirely on genetics.

However, there are situations when having melanin-rich skin can carry complications. As a professional, highly trained, and experienced permanent makeup artist in Toronto, where many melanin -rich, dark skinned people reside, I consider it my responsibility to be forthright about these limitations.

It should come as no surprise that the darker the skin, the less likely a tattooed colour will show up—any colour, including black. For permanent makeup this is particularly so in the case of eyeliner. If the colour used is only slightly darker than the natural skin colour, it will not be very noticeable, so not a good permanent makeup investment.

permanent makeup,Colour,skin,Women of Colour,Dark Lip Neutralization,Lip Blush,eyeliner

Healed results are less noticeable on dark skin.

In the case of Nano (Nano Blading) Brows, Microblading or Ombre Powder Brows, the same consideration applies. However, permanent eyebrow tattoo can be safely and beautifully created by a knowledgeable artist who understands how the pigment colour interacts with the complexities of the skin, in order to predict a gorgeous healed result of your cosmetic tattoo treatment. No one wants black eyebrows! Black, tattooed in the skin, regardless of natural colour, will eventually change to a dark charcoal or even blue hue. We were not intended to have eyebrows with these colours. Natural is always the aim. At my studio it is an imperative.

permanent makeup,Colour,skin,Women of Colour,Dark Lip Neutralization,Lip Blush,eyeliner

Lastly, in consideration of Lip Blush or Lip Neutralization, darker skinned individuals often complain of cool, dark-toned or dark spots on their lips. This is the melanin richness at work. Melanin protects the skin, but it can, at times, be problematic when it shows up on lighter areas of the body or when an over-production is triggered by injury. The lip tissue, being so different from other skin, will hyper pigment (become darker in parts), or sometimes even hypo pigment (become lighter in spots). This can occur sometimes even from something as simple as too much sun exposure. So, to attempt to create a pretty pink lip colour with a Dark Lip Neutralization on melanin-rich lip tissue, the result could be disaster. However, this procedure can be done successfully if your artist is highly trained and have a lot of knowledge and skill. So be careful if your lips are hyperpigmented. Lip tattoo may do more damage than good.

permanent makeup,Colour,skin,Women of Colour,Dark Lip Neutralization,Lip Blush,eyeliner

Lip tattoo gone wrong on dark skin.

In my Toronto permanent makeup studio, I work with darker skinned, melanin-rich clients often. I have successfully treated clients with fabulous results. Creating beautiful permanent makeup eyebrows on dark skinned clients is an experienced permanent makeup artist’s pleasure, particularly because of the challenges the skin colour presents. It is our expertise that helps us know exactly how a beautiful permanent eyebrow treatment will heal, and last. I am able to select the correct cosmetic tattoo pigment colour, predict the healed result and mitigate the activity of those beautiful, helpful melanocytes properly with my technique.

Performing permanent eyeliner and/or lip tattoos on melanin rich clients is actually safe and effective but it doesn’t work for everyone. Depending on where you are on the Fitzpatrick scale (light to dark), the credible permanent makeup artist must work with clients to decide what is achievable and what healed results will look like.

Clients who leave my studio leave with the treatment and result they want. I will not gamble with their money or their skin.

Are you ready for your transformation?

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permanent makeup,Colour,skin,Women of Colour,Dark Lip Neutralization,Lip Blush,eyeliner

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