Difference between Microblading and Ombré Powder Brows

Difference Between Microblading and Ombré Powder Brows


Since microblading took the world by storm, a great deal of confusion about permanent makeup for eyebrows has resulted. Educating clients about their options is a critical component of the work of a permanent makeup artist. What is even more important is honesty and truth about the very best permanent eyebrows treatment for the individual client.

At my studio, we get many calls asking to book appointments for eyebrow microblading. Without an assessment of the client and her or his skin, it is impossible to know if microblading is the best option. However, many people believe that microblading is the ONLY option for permanent makeup for eyebrows.

Not so!

Microblading became popular because of the realism it permits when done correctly on the right skin type by an experienced cosmetic tattoo artist.  Microblading was originally performed with a hand tool that resembles a pen with a specialized attachment that the artist uses to carefully and precisely create the appearance of an individual brow hair by gently “drawing” it into the skin. What is actually occurring is a cosmetic tattoo. Repeated many times following a specific pattern, the result is an eyebrow that looks very real. Last couple of years, permanent makeup artists, myself included, have begun to use more a tattoo machine to create the same hyper-realistic eyebrow hair strokes. There are many permanent makeup artists in the Greater Toronto area. There are only a handful of artists who can skillfully create machine hair strokes as it is a technique requiring many hours of training and practice.

That said, what cannot be predicted with either the hand tool or machine hair stroke method, is how the eyebrows will look when completely healed.   Microblading is not the best permanent makeup option for all skin types.  Clients who have very oily and/or thick skin, clients who have extremely delicate, thin skin, clients who have had issues with scarring in the past, and yet others with certain skin conditions or sensitivities should elect a different permanent makeup eyebrow technique. The reason is that to microblade the eyebrows in these cases may lead to less than favorable results

Don’t get me wrong! Creating individual hair strokes is a beautiful treatment when the client is just right and when the healed result can be predicted to be as pretty as the day you leave my studio. What all artists should be telling clients, however, is that microblading will not last as long as other permanent makeup for eyebrows. On the other hand, while the same restrictions will apply with respect to skin, nano brows performed by a digital device do last much longer than microblading.

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Ombré Powder Brows 

Does this mean you can’t get eyebrow permanent makeup then, if you are not a microblading or machine hair stroke candidate? Most certainly not! 

In fact, some of the most beautiful work being put out by top industry artists is in permanent makeup powder eyebrows.

Firstly, a tattooed powder eyebrow is the term used to describe a soft, wispy eyebrow tattoo that is subtle, artfully executed, and beautifully flattering. Best of all, because of the manner in which they are applied, they are suitable for every skin type.  There is no downside to a beautiful permanent makeup powder eyebrow.

In the early days of permanent makeup, the “powder” brow was the only option for eyebrow permanent makeup, though it more closely resembled two overly saturated shapes above one’s eye. It tended to be a rather bold look, as advancements we enjoy today had not yet occurred. We are fortunate that in past decade, in this massive and growing industry, artists have many wonderful tools and tricks to create the perfect and most individualized look for their clients’ permanent makeup eyebrow.

Today a powder brow is applied by a skilled artist who gently and expertly layers the selected eyebrow colour using a technique, which creates a soft, pixelated look on the skin. In order to avoid harsh contours, particularly at the head of the brow, the artist tapers off the colour to create a soft ombré finish. The resulting look is a gradient, with more intensity of colour at the tail and arch. Ombré powder brow designs vary based on the client’s features and bone structure, as well as their preference. Some clients opt for a very defined brow base, while others prefer soft edges throughout the length of the brow. Whatever design is decided on, trust in the experience and knowledge of your artist to ensure your brows are yours and yours alone, and that they frame your eyes and complement your best features.

Thanks to brilliant new techniques, technological advancements, and specialized pigment formulations, healed ombré powder eyebrows are soft and natural looking. Gone are the days of harsh “Sharpie” brows!  

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Nano (Machine Hair Stroke) Brows

There is no risk of unpredictable results with ombré powder eyebrows, as there can be with microblading  when done on clients who are not ideal candidates.  Best of all, an ombré powder eyebrow lasts double or more the time that microblading does.   

When searching for an artist to trust with your permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo, it is essential to ensure they are well versed in a variety of eyebrow permanent makeup techniques, most particularly the wildly popular, but less understood, ombré powder brows. If microblading is all the artist does, clients run the risk of having microblading done when, perhaps, it should not be.

At my studio, clients are able to choose from microblading, nano (machine hair stroke) brows or ombré powder brows. All are stunning permanent makeup eyebrow techniques. I will guide you on what technique you are best suited for. On the right skin, microblading or Nano (Machine Hair Stroke) eyebrows are miraculous. However, if your skin is not optimal for either treatment, an elegant ombré powder brow is your gorgeous go-to option.

Always do thorough research and view your artist’s gallery. Look at healed results.  That is the number 1 measure of the skill of the artist.

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