Eye Brows

Eye Brows

Imagine having perfectly shaped eye brows all the time without any application of any makeup! Do you want beautiful elegant eye brows? Permanent eyebrows give the effect of an extremely realistic look without the hassle of applying make up everyday. Properly shaped eyebrows will enhance and frame the look of your face by giving you a more youthful appearance. Eye The Brows offers different techniques to achieve the result that will look best for you. As everyone is different, no one technique works in all situations. 


Eyebrow Pricing

The initial price includes one follow up visit for a touch up within 8 weeks of the procedure.

Important! Please note the following:

  • If a 3rd procedure is required after the original and follow up procedure, there is an additional cost of $100 + H.S.T. The 3rd procedure must be booked within 12 weeks after the follow up procedure.
  • If you have previous permanent make up by another technician, the price will be quoted at the consultation.
  • Touch up pricing applies to existing clients only
  • Payments are to be made in cash, Visa or Master Card
  • H.S.T. is extra for all procedures

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